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Data Delivery

WMS service provided by EDO

From February 2021, Soil Moisture Index (SMI), SMI Anomaly and Low-Flow Index (LFI) data are under upgrading to the new version 2.1, based on the new EFAS 4.0 source model. Please note that:
  • - All LFI and SMI layers display already the v.2.1 data.
  • - Daily SMI Anomaly Forecast data are not available yet.
  • - Data of v.2.0 are still available as theme option of ten-daily layers (accessible with right click on layer name).
  • - The new v.2.1 data are still under evaluation and are not fully validated; unexpected patterns or missing daily images can occur in maps.

- GetCapabilities URLs:

- See service URL

- List of provided layers by groups:

  • Combined Indicators

  • Soil moisture

  • Vegetation response

  • Precipitation

For layer descriptions see also: Factsheets and Metadata

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