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Factsheets of EDO Indicators

The Factsheets give you a short and to the point explanation on how every parameter is derived and what is its purpose for Drought Observation.
Combined Drought Indicatorfactsheet_combinedDroughtIndicator.pdf
Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI), including:factsheet_spi.pdf
- SPI at SYNOP stations from the MARS database
- SPI at SYNOP stations interpolated to 0.25dd grid
- Spatial average of SPI at SYNOP stations / interpolated SPI for Eurostat NUTS3 regions
Soil Moisture Anomaly (SMA), including:factsheet_soilmoisture.pdf
- Last Daily Soil Moisture Index (SMI)
- Last Daily Soil Moisture Index (SMI) Forecast
- Last Daily Soil Moisture Index (SMI) Anomaly Forecast
- Ten-daily Soil Moisture Index (SMI)
- Ten-daily Soil Moisture Index (SMI) Anomaly
Vegetation Productivity (fAPAR) Anomaly, including:factsheet_fapar.pdf
- fAPAR values
- fAPAR anomalies
Low-Flow Indexfactsheet_lowflowindex.pdf
Heat and Cold Wave Index (HCWI), including:factsheet_heatColdWaveIndex.pdf
- Daily minimum and maximum temperatures (Tmin and Tmax)
- Daily temperature amplitude (Tmax minus Tmin)
- Daily maximum temperature anomaly
- Calendar day thresholds used to detect heat and cold waves
- Strongest yearly heatwaves, and most recent in current year
Indicator for Forecasting Unusually Wet and Dry Conditionsfactsheet_spi_forecasts.pdf
GRACE Total Water Storage (TWS) Anomalyfactsheet_grace_tws_anomaly.pdf

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