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Portals of the Disaster Risk Management Unit

The Disaster Risk Management Unit operates a series of Web Mapping services to monitor the occurrence and impacts of a variety of natural disasters in Europe and worldwide. The following table lists the various operational sites:
Disaster TypeLink
European Scale
DroughtsEuropean Drought Observatory
FloodsEuropean Flood Awareness System
Forest FiresEuropean Forest Fire Information System
Global Scale
DroughtsGlobal Drought Observatory
Floods Global Flood Awareness System
Wild FiresGlobal Wild Fire Information System
Disaster Alert Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System
Risk AssessmentGlobal Index for Risk Management

The unit also also develops and delivers a series of reference data and manages the Disaster Risk Management Knowledge Center:
Reference DataLink
European Rivers and WatershedsCatchment Characterization and Modelling CCM
EU Development Aid EU Aid Explorer
Human SettlementsGlobal Human Settlement Layer
Conflict Risk IndexGlobal Conflict Risk Index
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