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Factsheets of EDO Indicators

Combined Drought Indicatorfactsheet_combinedDroughtIndicator.pdf
Daily Soil Moisturefactsheet_soilmoisture.pdfAverage per Region
Daily Soil Moisture Anomalyfactsheet_soilmoisture.pdfAverage per Region
Forecasted Soil Moisture Anomalyfactsheet_soilmoisture.pdf
Heat/Cold wave Index (H/CWI)factsheet_heatColdWaveIndex.pdf
SPI at SYNOP stations from the MARS databasefactsheet_spi.pdf
SPI at SYNOP stations interpolated to 0.25dd gridfactsheet_spi.pdf
Snowpack Indicatorfactsheet_sspi.pdf
Spatial average of SPI at SYNOP stations / interpolated SPI for Eurostat NUTS3 regionsfactsheet_spi.pdf
Vegetation Productivity (fAPAR)factsheet_fapar.pdf
Vegetation Productivity Anomaly (fAPAR Anomaly)factsheet_fapar.pdf

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