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OWS Delivery Wizard

Retrieve data via OWS (Open Geospatial Consortium Web Services).
1. Select layer
2. Select layer properties
Layer Layer (coverage):Combined_Drought_Indicator
Service Service:WCSService Version Service Version:1.1.1Format Format:
CRS Output CRS:   ( Layer's native CRS: EPSG:4326 )
Bbox Bounding box:

Define BBOX on the map:
Hold down the shift key on your keyboard and draw a rectangle with the mouse

Default Layer Extent
Width Coverage width: 2024 pixelsHeight Coverage height: 944 pixelsWidth/Height ratio Width / Height Ratio: 2.144
time Time informationDate:Map availability Check dates for which this indicator is available
WARNING! From the 11th of March 2019, soil moisture and low-flow index data have been upgraded to a new version with a larger spatial extent, based on the latest LISFLOOD model.
Please note that these new data are still under evaluation and are not fully validated.

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