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WARNING! The new Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) v.2 has been released. It is based on SPI ERA5, Soil Moisture Index Anomaly, and fAPAR Anomaly. It improves the characterisation of transitional phases of a drought, when rainfall deficit ameliorates but does not determine the end of drought. After an initial period when the two versions of the indicator will coexist in EDO, CDI v.1 will be no longer maintained.
- Due to some issues, the Soil Moisture Index (SMI) and SMI Anomaly layers show unexpected pattern and values from 2022-05-01 to 2022-06-01; you can rely on the "Ensemble Soil Moisture Anomaly" layer instead. For the same reason, the Combined Drought Indicator (CDI) v.1 of 2022-06-01 has been computed with "Ensemble Soil Moisture Anomaly".
- Due to an issue in the provision of MODIS source data, since October 2022 fAPAR, fAPAR Anomaly and the derived CDI are computed with VIIRS source data. For the same reason, since the second monthly window of November 2022, the Ensemble Soil Moisture Anomaly (SMA) misses the MODIS Land Surface Temperature component and is computed with two components only (2M-ensemble).
We apologize for any inconvenience.
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