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Factsheets of EDO Indicators

Due to website maintenance, the European Drought Observatory is not fully operational at the moment.
Please don't bookmark this temporary webpage but try the actual webpage after 14:00 CET.
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Combined Drought Indicatorfactsheet_combinedDroughtIndicator.pdf
Daily Soil Moisturefactsheet_soilmoisture.pdfAverage per Region
Daily Soil Moisture Anomalyfactsheet_soilmoisture.pdfAverage per Region
Forecasted Soil Moisture Anomalyfactsheet_soilmoisture.pdf
Heat/Cold wave Index (H/CWI)factsheet_heatColdWaveIndex.pdf
SPI at SYNOP stations from the MARS databasefactsheet_spi.pdf
SPI at SYNOP stations interpolated to 0.25dd gridfactsheet_spi.pdf
Snowpack Indicatorfactsheet_sspi.pdf
Spatial average of SPI at SYNOP stations / interpolated SPI for Eurostat NUTS3 regionsfactsheet_spi.pdf
Vegetation Productivity (fAPAR)factsheet_fapar.pdf
Vegetation Productivity Anomaly (fAPAR Anomaly)factsheet_fapar.pdf

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