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Drought in the Media

EMM Logo EDO makes use of the European Media Monitor (Disclaimer) to retrieve information on droughts and related topics from news portals world-wide in many languages.


In order to identify news regarding drought, a series of keywords are defined in different languages and combined for implementing the search.
Unfortunately, keywords related to drought can have also other non-pertinent meanings and may refer to other fields of interest. It is, therefore, crucial that the selected keywords provide for the best possible identification of the selected phenomenon.
A very restrictive (narrow) filter allows the user finding specific information. However, it also increases the risk to miss relevant information.
We are currently studying how to improve such filters and how to validate the results.
Below you can select the language you want to search and you have a choice between four search options. Three of them are fixed (i.e. with keywords pre-set by the EDO team) while the fourth option allows to generate a user defined search.
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