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Rain Statistics per Country

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1975Lao People s Dem. Rep.122491848612372692814321281404117
1976Lao People s Dem. Rep.122123232109215208327288107133668
1977Lao People s Dem. Rep.122221030881551373192901471234325
1978Lao People s Dem. Rep.1222629421292193063594322491242415
1979Lao People s Dem. Rep.1221426179026333420435614646155
1980Lao People s Dem. Rep.12231438711953193493182211274125
1981Lao People s Dem. Rep.122131032120250311368301692109410
1982Lao People s Dem. Rep.12291740117157302254321234108776
1983Lao People s Dem. Rep.12229182644147234236365812526319
1984Lao People s Dem. Rep.122318221041872403074271121855711
1985Lao People s Dem. Rep.1221524251161572832713211071371009
1986Lao People s Dem. Rep.1224713129275275333331791884037
1987Lao People s Dem. Rep.1221220408212426331237312870645
1988Lao People s Dem. Rep.122626139020019323130645223289
1989Lao People s Dem. Rep.1221856790225250297298106171268
1990Lao People s Dem. Rep.12210447064253335371294134176668
1991Lao People s Dem. Rep.1229739631572913254201451612934
1992Lao People s Dem. Rep.12231399421382893073261031293248
1993Lao People s Dem. Rep.1223103887225229313332119921818
1994Lao People s Dem. Rep.1226258868226332403346171943849
1995Lao People s Dem. Rep.12210829571952773904061051526413
1996Lao People s Dem. Rep.1224295812119822432937027413711619
1997Lao People s Dem. Rep.1221420651471702174253611281081816
1998Lao People s Dem. Rep.1226223394200228242272128946930
1999Lao People s Dem. Rep.1222411461403202733303171311669250
2000Lao People s Dem. Rep.1222041221342783443853431531443926
2001Lao People s Dem. Rep.122811109552962773433981161913520
2002Lao People s Dem. Rep.122211238732712853883861651206741
2003Lao People s Dem. Rep.12217285477200236260324212681712
2004Lao People s Dem. Rep.12215342910423324433235715847454
2005Lao People s Dem. Rep.122254673167272379422190935534
2006Lao People s Dem. Rep.1221047471131781703964401971663529
2007Lao People s Dem. Rep.122813371092262082883101302334616
2008Lao People s Dem. Rep.1223421671032102763073053002199825
2009Lao People s Dem. Rep.122944081168178282208256711814
2010Lao People s Dem. Rep.122391120801201494344342281993023
2011Lao People s Dem. Rep.12218880982233203553614491547627
2012Lao People s Dem. Rep.12230936117248241322327255787719
2013Lao People s Dem. Rep.122231037922032594163083911166666
2014Lao People s Dem. Rep.12234231101323364273252351006424
2015Lao People s Dem. Rep.1224018431051131683993342511236959
2016Lao People s Dem. Rep.122551210711862412833713291729443
2017Lao People s Dem. Rep.122431276105238236490No valueNo valueNo valueNo valueNo value
43 values. Sum:  5246 747 789 1774 4023 8778 11059 14369 14556 7412 5840 2252 976
Average: 122171841942042573343471761395423
The total cells column indicates how many cells in January had valid entries data reported in total mm. per month
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