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EDO Web Map Services for your own GIS

Choose a predefined GIS start up file to open EDO Web Mapping Services using your favorite desktop GIS. The advantage is that you can visualize EDO data together with geographic data you hold in your filesystem or spatial database!

Desktop GISDownload project fileKnown supported versionsCreation dateWMS TimeNotes
Quantum GIS
QGS file (QGis file)QGIS 2.0.1 "Dufour"2014-07-04
QGS file (QGis file)QGIS 1.8.0 "Lisboa"2013-02-13(a)
OpenJUMPJMP fileOpenJUMP 1.6.32014-07-04
JMP fileOpenJUMP 1.4.22013-02-13(a)
ArcGIS / ArcMap
MXD file (ArcMap document)ArcMap 10.2.12014-07-04Supported, with time slider
MXD file (ArcMap document)ArcMap 10.02013-02-13Supported, with time slider(a)
MXD file (ArcMap document)ArcMap 9.02013-02-13(a)
Gaia Geospatial Platform
by The Carbon Project
GSF file (Geospatial Session File)Gaia 3.42013-02-13 Supported (a)

(a) The following layers are not served by EDO's WMS anymore:
  • fAPAR Archive and fAPAR Anomaly Archive
  • NDWI and NDWI Anomaly
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